[Patryk-Raws] Doraemon (1979/2005 CLW English Fandub) RAWS [Season 1][720p & 1080p][English Fandub][2017-2019]

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These are episodes of the 1979/2005 English Fandub of Doraemon by CLW Entertainment, that were made from 2017 to 2019. Heres the list of The Episodes on this Torrent: Episode 1 - Noby's Dream Town Episode 2 - Noby's Future Episode 3 - Animal Transformation Crackers Episode 4 - Rawr! Goes Tigermon Episode 5 - Oh, Lovely Meowsaku Episode 6 - Love Has come to Town Episode 7 - The Sticker of Fear Episode 8 - Noby's The Boss Now Episode 9 - My Best Friend, Doraemon Episode 10 - Hocus Pocus and Episode 11 - The Loopy Cap the episodes left out are: An Awesome Aquatic Adventure, the 2019 remake of Noby's Dream Town and Goodbye, Doraemon Part 1. but oh well, the left out episodes will be released on a torrent in the future. (c) 2017-2019 CLW Entertainment/Qualubs (c) 2019 PatrykTheAnimeFan2002, All Rights Reserved