[iKaos] Dragon Ball Z - S05 (140-165) - [R2J-DBOX] Multi-Audio [Broadcast JPN+ENG FUNi+Ocean Dubs][480p][x264][8bit]

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    [iKaos] Dragon Ball Z - S05 (140-165) R2J Dragon Box - Multi-Audio
      • Dragon Ball Z.S04E16.123.DVD.DBOXR2J.480p.FLAC.AC3.AAC.x264-iKaos [v2].mkv(839.6MB)
    • Dragon Ball Z.S05E01.140.DVD.DBOXR2J.480p.FLAC.AC3.AAC.x264-iKaos.mkv(957MB)
    • Dragon Ball Z.S05E02.141.DVD.DBOXR2J.480p.FLAC.AC3.AAC.x264-iKaos.mkv(1.0GB)
    • Dragon Ball Z.S05E03.142.DVD.DBOXR2J.480p.FLAC.AC3.AAC.x264-iKaos.mkv(1.1GB)
    • Dragon Ball Z.S05E04.143.DVD.DBOXR2J.480p.FLAC.AC3.AAC.x264-iKaos.mkv(1.1GB)
    • Dragon Ball Z.S05E05.144.DVD.DBOXR2J.480p.FLAC.AC3.AAC.x264-iKaos.mkv(1.1GB)
    • Dragon Ball Z.S05E06.145.DVD.DBOXR2J.480p.FLAC.AC3.AAC.x264-iKaos.mkv(1.0GB)
    • Dragon Ball Z.S05E07.146.DVD.DBOXR2J.480p.FLAC.AC3.AAC.x264-iKaos.mkv(1.1GB)
    • Dragon Ball Z.S05E08.147.DVD.DBOXR2J.480p.FLAC.AC3.AAC.x264-iKaos.mkv(1.0GB)
    • Dragon Ball Z.S05E09.148.DVD.DBOXR2J.480p.FLAC.AC3.AAC.x264-iKaos.mkv(1.2GB)
    • Dragon Ball Z.S05E10.149.DVD.DBOXR2J.480p.FLAC.AC3.AAC.x264-iKaos.mkv(1.2GB)
    • Dragon Ball Z.S05E11.150.DVD.DBOXR2J.480p.FLAC.AC3.AAC.x264-iKaos.mkv(1.2GB)
    • Dragon Ball Z.S05E12.151.DVD.DBOXR2J.480p.FLAC.AC3.AAC.x264-iKaos.mkv(1.2GB)
    • Dragon Ball Z.S05E13.152.DVD.DBOXR2J.480p.FLAC.AC3.AAC.x264-iKaos.mkv(1.2GB)
    • Dragon Ball Z.S05E14.153.DVD.DBOXR2J.480p.FLAC.AC3.AAC.x264-iKaos.mkv(1.2GB)
    • Dragon Ball Z.S05E15.154.DVD.DBOXR2J.480p.FLAC.AC3.AAC.x264-iKaos.mkv(1.2GB)
    • Dragon Ball Z.S05E16.155.DVD.DBOXR2J.480p.FLAC.AC3.AAC.x264-iKaos.mkv(1.2GB)
    • Dragon Ball Z.S05E17.156.DVD.DBOXR2J.480p.FLAC.AC3.AAC.x264-iKaos.mkv(1.2GB)
    • Dragon Ball Z.S05E18.157.DVD.DBOXR2J.480p.FLAC.AC3.AAC.x264-iKaos.mkv(1.2GB)
    • Dragon Ball Z.S05E19.158.DVD.DBOXR2J.480p.FLAC.AC3.AAC.x264-iKaos.mkv(1.2GB)
    • Dragon Ball Z.S05E20.159.DVD.DBOXR2J.480p.FLAC.AC3.AAC.x264-iKaos.mkv(1.2GB)
    • Dragon Ball Z.S05E21.160.DVD.DBOXR2J.480p.FLAC.AC3.AAC.x264-iKaos.mkv(1.2GB)
    • Dragon Ball Z.S05E22.161.DVD.DBOXR2J.480p.FLAC.AC3.AAC.x264-iKaos.mkv(1.2GB)
    • Dragon Ball Z.S05E23.162.DVD.DBOXR2J.480p.FLAC.AC3.AAC.x264-iKaos.mkv(1.2GB)
    • Dragon Ball Z.S05E24.163.DVD.DBOXR2J.480p.FLAC.AC3.AAC.x264-iKaos.mkv(1.3GB)
    • Dragon Ball Z.S05E25.164.DVD.DBOXR2J.480p.FLAC.AC3.AAC.x264-iKaos.mkv(1.2GB)
    • Dragon Ball Z.S05E26.165.DVD.DBOXR2J.480p.FLAC.AC3.AAC.x264-iKaos.mkv(1.3GB)
**Previous releases:** Saiyan Saga (Level Sets) (1-39): [#1145615](https://nyaa.si/view/1145615) Saiyan Saga (Dragon Box) (1-39): [#1150268](https://nyaa.si/view/1150268) Namek Saga (40-74): [#1170280](https://nyaa.si/view/1170280) Freeza Saga (75-107): [#1163555](https://nyaa.si/view/1163555) Android Saga (108-139): [#1182197](https://nyaa.si/view/1182197) TV Specials (SP1-SP2): [#1185803](https://nyaa.si/view/1185803) *** **Updates:** 1. All episodes contain the higher quality JPN Broadcast Audio as released by AnimeMaakuo, however I have switched to the synced versions recently released by [Deli295]( https://nyaa.si/view/1190222). Like my previous efforts he has applied a light filter to get rid of some of the noise and removed the fake stereo. 2. The 2000 FUNi Dub track contains a slightly looped and modified version of the Faulconer Productions OP, created by me. 3. All English NEPs for these episodes are available and are included on the 2000 FUNi Dub track. 4. I've also included a v2 for episode 123 since that episode is tagged incorrectly in my previous release. 5. Season 6 is next. *** *These episodes are compiled from the following sources. Unless otherwise noted, I am the original ripper/encoder for all elements:* **Video:** 1. 4x3 480p R2J Dragon Box - *from raw ISOs* **Audio - 5 tracks:** 1. Japanese Mono Tokai Broadcast Audio (FLAC) - *originally released by AnimeMaakuo, retimed by Deli295* 2. English 2008 5.1 FUNimation "Remastered" Dub w/Shunsuke Kikuchi score (AC3) - *from the R1/US Dragon Box* 3. English 2008 2.0 FUNimation “Remastered” Dub w/Smith/Morgan/Faulconer score (AC3) - *from the Orange Bricks* 4. English 2000 2.0 Original FUNimation Dub (AAC) - *custom track from the Single DVDs, with English NEPs from TV/VHS* 5. Japanese 2003 DVD Audio (AC3) - *from the R2J Dragon Box* *** [MediaInfo](https://pastebin.com/8yqJQyhi)