[PrinceOtaku] Sword Art Online Alicization - 17 [English Dub] [AnimeLab] [1080p] [MKV]

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  • [PrinceOtaku] Sword Art Online Alicization - 17 [English Dub] [AnimeLab] [1080p].mkv(370.5MB)
Here is the next episode of SAO Alicization, Episode 17, English Dub from AnimeLab. I have got the first 24 English Dub episodes in 1080p from the Alicization Arc of SAO and will upload them over the next several weeks. I won't be able to seed for long due to my connection, so if people can continue to seed after you've finished downloading, I'd appreciate it. Due to my speed, it may take some time to download. Please be patient while it downloads for you. PLEASE NOTE: That AnimeLab has been taking sometime with uploading Demon Slayer. As soon as it continues the next episode will be added. ![alt text](https://i.ibb.co/8gVpqMD/vlcsnap-2020-02-14-08h41m18s987.png)