[Exiled-Destiny] Koi Koi Seven v2

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    Koi Koi Seven [E-D]
    • [Exiled-Destiny]_Koi_Koi_Seven_Ep01v2_Subbed_(60AB70E9).mkv(384.9MB)
    • [Exiled-Destiny]_Koi_Koi_Seven_Ep02v2_Subbed_(1373BFBE).mkv(400.3MB)
    • [Exiled-Destiny]_Koi_Koi_Seven_Ep03v2_Subbed_(EF3F73FE).mkv(401.5MB)
    • [Exiled-Destiny]_Koi_Koi_Seven_Ep04v2_Subbed_(F699515F).mkv(330.3MB)
    • [Exiled-Destiny]_Koi_Koi_Seven_Ep05v2_Subbed_(B7E87D91).mkv(388.2MB)
    • [Exiled-Destiny]_Koi_Koi_Seven_Ep06v2_Subbed_(513DE697).mkv(311.8MB)
    • [Exiled-Destiny]_Koi_Koi_Seven_Ep07v2_Subbed_(82D8318B).mkv(378.5MB)
    • [Exiled-Destiny]_Koi_Koi_Seven_Ep08v2_Subbed_(01855A3B).mkv(400MB)
    • [Exiled-Destiny]_Koi_Koi_Seven_Ep09v2_Subbed_(0B6D1289).mkv(306.6MB)
    • [Exiled-Destiny]_Koi_Koi_Seven_Ep10v2_Subbed_(C8E658C7).mkv(362.5MB)
    • [Exiled-Destiny]_Koi_Koi_Seven_Ep11v2_Subbed_(9AD38BCB).mkv(338.7MB)
    • [Exiled-Destiny]_Koi_Koi_Seven_Ep12v2_Subbed_(CD55C520).mkv(372.2MB)
    • [Exiled-Destiny]_Koi_Koi_Seven_Ep13v2_Subbed_(BBC07A3A).mkv(356.7MB)
    • [Exiled-Destiny]_Koi_Koi_Seven_Extra_Clean_Ending_(DB9EFAB8).mkv(14.9MB)
    • [Exiled-Destiny]_Koi_Koi_Seven_Extra_Clean_Opening_(549FFD0C).mkv(28.6MB)
Koi Koi Seven 1v2-13v2 + Clean Opening/Ending Container: MKV Video: x264 Audio: Japanese 2.0 Subs: English ASS/Graphic Maximum Power, Ready to Fight, Let's Go! Tetsuro Tanaka is transferred to Gokoh Academy full of high expectations. However, expectations fade with a bad premonition the moment he steps onto the campus and finds all the students except him are girls! Wow! It's Heaven! He's a prince surrounded by pretty maidens! Wrong! A series of weird and frightening incidents fall upon him. Then, 6 charming girls who are called Koi Koi Seven appear as his guardians. Army combat helicopters and anti-tank guns attack Tetsuro for no particular reason. This school is far from a paradise. It is a hell he desperately tries to survive day to day. Uploader's Comments: This is a v2 batch to fix the missing periods all over the text subs from before. This will likely be my final release under the Exiled-Destiny group (unless I find another release needing fixes). I've been doing this a long time and I'm tired of encoding. Not to mention with streaming options, it is by far cheaper and easier to get into anime now than it was in the past and I was never doing this to give people a reason not to legally buy anime. I've said many times, please buy anything and everything you can afford. It was time to walk away.