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  • [9volt] 3D Kanojo Real Girl - 16 [1080p] [E2F2F95B].mkv(341.9MB)
3D Kanojo: Real Girl - Episode 16 "Regarding the Untold Story of My Parents' Courtship." Extra slow, just as you like it! QC will be away for a week or so, hopefully we can get a backlog ready for when he gets back. Happy spring! ----- Staff: – TLC: XiaYixuan – Editing: 9volt – Timing: 9volt – Typesetting: 9volt – OP/ED KFX: KNoW & 9volt – Song TL: XiaYixuan – QC: Goethite ----- We recommend you use the latest version of MPC-HC with LAV Filters, MadVR, and AssFilterMod; or mpv. Mediainfo: https://pastebin.com/YNWmte6G If you are interested in joining us on our future projects, we would be more than happy to have you! While we particularly need a TSer and a Timer, any position is welcome. Message @9vult on Discord for more info. Chat on our Discord server! discord.gg/tUyf3zw