[Kaizoku] My Hero Academia - Heroes Rising (BD 1080p AAC) [E1BE768C]

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  • [Kaizoku] My Hero Academia - Heroes Rising (BD 1080p AAC) [E1BE768C].mkv(11.4GB)
This is a heavy edit of Funimation's subs from the camrip, transcribed by ShinMugetsu, the real hero behind the scenes. But guess what? Funimation subs are garbage. I ended up fixing a lot of TL errors and rephrasing almost every line. They're snapped them to keyframes. All relevant signs are typeset and motion tracked, ending song is translated and chapters are included too. The encode is my own. Filter chain is a simple but effective descale, which took care of most of the haloing and aliasing, followed by a light deband and adaptive grain. The file size kinda 'went beyond' my expectations but it can't be helped since its packed with action. If you want something smaller, grab the descaled 720p encode or the 1080p mini encode from AnimeKaizoku. Since the encode was going slow, I had the time to go over the subs multiple times and polish it, plus ultra. I borrowed some lines from the dub since it had a lot better phrasing. I looked up SlimShot's transcription too for the few parts that I had doubts about. I also went back to some of the older episodes from kBaraka's releases to maintain consistency. Drop your feedbacks in the comments. Don't skip the ending song, only villains do that. Lastly, the movie was fun. It may not be a 'good movie' but it sure is a good My Hero Academia movie.